Monday, July 29, 2013


So you know those bloggers out there that make some big exciting announcement and then seem to drop off the face of the earth? Yeah, me neither... But seriously... I've been held captive the past couple weeks by camp preparation and then camp itself. No worries though, friends, because camp is over for this year which means I am now in full baby mode. We have officially completed our home study, which means that the government now authorizes us to become parents. Shocking, I know. If everyone out there had to go through this process in order to have biological children, I can guarantee you there would be half as many people on this planet.. just saying. But nonetheless... it is finished. This entire process up until now has been a series of tasks and lists. Now that all of the paperwork has been filed, every fingerprint taken and every box checked... our next step is quite possibly the hardest. We wait. We wait for the right case to come along that will ultimately bring our baby home. Once we get a case, we wait to see if the birth mother chooses us. Once she chooses us, we wait until the due date- all the while praying she doesn't change her mind. But the point of the story is... now, we wait. Everything up until now has been task-oriented. I've been able to file our completed paperwork neatly in the labeled sections of my teal patterned expandable file folder and cross items off the list in my iPad notes. I've never been good at waiting. Waiting for Christmas. Waiting in line at Disney World. Waiting for a table in a restaurant. Waiting at the doctor's office. I hate to wait. But all the while, I can say with full confidence that I know the Lord is at work. He is at work in me individually. He is at work in our family. He is at work in our birth mother, though we've yet to meet. I know that today, we are one day closer to meeting our baby than we were yesterday. And tomorrow will be one day closer than today. Until then, we will wait.

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  1. Got chills reading... I know I know... Chills from reading about waiting?! BUT I know the wait ends! AND I know what it is like when it does! SO... I have chills for you! SO FUN and exciting!