Sunday, May 12, 2013

Six and Thirty

May 12. We meet again. Apparently I've been using the term birthiversary so long that my phone's autocorrect recognizes it- as if to say "here you go stupid, you're the only one who actually means to write this non-word so I'll save you some time". Regardless, here we are. Today is our 6th anniversary and the husband's 30th that's 3-0 birthday. It's easy to say the cliche time has flown by so fast. Which is mostly true. Most days and weeks have flown by way too quickly, but then there are days that haven't. We've been blessed by 6 years of smiles and laughter and random dance parties just because it's Thursday. We've also had the bottom drop out on us and feel as though we couldn't possibly make it through one more day. On days that felt too hard to even pray, we have thanked God for each other. That through it all, we weren't doing life alone. So here's to 6 years and 76 more of morning cups of coffee, evening walks, spontaneous beach trips, movie nights with homemade pizza and random dance parties just because it's Monday. There is no one else I'd rather do life with.
Of course, I can't end this post without recognizing the fact that the husband has hit the triple decade mark... though he was mistaken for a 16 year old student on Tuesday. Last weekend, his family was in town to celebrate and last night we had some friends over to our house for little cookout (which I am now realizing I didn't take a single picture last night). Here are some pictures of the festivities last weekend.

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  1. happy six year anniversary and happy 30th to your husband! i'm glad you had fun celebrating. wishing you many more beautiful years. <3
    p.s. - I LOVE your necklace!!