Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorite Things: Fall 2.0

I have been loving the cooler temps and everything else that fall brings. Seriously. Pumpkins, cinnamon scented candles everything, football, crunchy leaves, scarves, comfy sweatshirts, crock pot soups, warm cups of coffee and so much more. Here are some other things that I have been loving recently.

1. Mumford and Sons- Babel. This is their best album to date. It makes me feel like I should be walking the cobblestone streets of Ireland with a spiced chai latte and a smashing pair of rain boots (see #4 below).

2. Philly Pumpkin Cream Cheese- YUM. Each season I seek out new products that are bursting with pumpkin deliciousness and this is it. Spread it on a bagel, use it as an apple dip or just grab a spoon and have at it.

3. Yoga. I'm not talking about the find-your-inner-peace-hug-your-spirit-namaste yoga. I'm talking about strength-building, body toning, muscle-relaxing yoga. I've been taking a class on Thursday mornings at a place near our house and on Wednesdays at a class offered at Children's. I can now say that I apologize to every yogi I've ever silently judged and now carry my orange yoga mat with pride. For the first time ever, my yoga pants are actually being worn to yoga...

4. Hunter Boots. I love rainy, cloudy days. Really I do. I would survive just fine in Seattle or London. As much as I love crisp, clear fall days- I enjoy the cool rainy ones just as much. Part of that reason is because I really want to wear a pair of these while strolling under a brightly colored umbrella or trotting around town.
5. Voting. November 6th people. Yes, Election Day is rapidly approaching and I am loving every minute of it. I am a news junkie who looks forward to the debates and then watches the news the next day to see how they recap it all. Without getting too political, I want to express how important it is to inform yourself and vote. It is a privilege and a freedom that so many Americans take for granted. I believe this privilege should be protected by any means necessary and that no matter who you choose to vote for- the important thing is that you vote. If you choose not to vote, I believe you forfeit your right to complain. Now someone hold my hand as I step off this soapbox...

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