Thursday, April 18, 2019


Our sweet Ryder James turned 4 last month and we could not be more proud of the little guys he is becoming. Ryder, you are smart and sweet and spunky with the kindest little heart and biggest smile. You still smile with your whole face and I couldn't love it more. You love your brothers fiercely and snuggles are your love language.

You love waking up early but are content to sit and do puzzles in your room until your clock is green. You make your bed and get dressed all by yourself. You love playing outside with your brothers but are perfectly content to play trains inside by yourself- this you get from mommy. You hate being cold- this you get from your daddy.

You love treats in all forms. Regarding the samples at Costco or Trader Joe's "I like when they're treats but I don't like when they're dinner". That pretty much sums you up perfectly. You will eat your weight- which isn't much- in pancakes.

You're barely in the 5th percentile for weight and height at 28lbs and 37" but will play with the bigger boys without skipping a beat.

You'll start preschool this Fall when Finn goes to Kindergarten- the downside of having your brother only a grade apart- but you could not be more excited about starting school. You ask every day in carline if "I get to get out of the car?" But you love going to the grocery store, the park, and library, and anywhere else with just mommy and Jude.

You've learned how to write your name, can recognize letters and numbers, recognize patterns, count, and know our address and phone number so I think you'll jump right into Pre-K just fine!

You are pretty obsessed with Jude. You call him "My Judy!" We'll see how he likes that nickname when he's older.

You are just our sweet and snuggly little guy and we are so proud to be your mommy and daddy!

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