Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Days and Chick-fil-A

It's still summer. It's still hot. Dustin reminded me the other day that it hasn't even been as hot as it usually is by now. I said I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant so it currently feels like the surface of the sun. Anything we do outside these days needs to be around water for this reason. We celebrated the 4th of July last week with friends at their backyard pool aka mini resort. Every time we get together, which takes a huge undertaking these days, we see all these kids running around and aren't really sure where they all came from. We're currently at 9 kids 5 and under and when our newest little man arrives in September, we'll be at 10.

 The boys have been going to the Home Depot Kids' Workshops on the first Saturdays of each month and last month they had Pop along for an extra set of hands.
 They made bug houses, so naturally it was time for a bug hunt when they got home.
 I took Finn to our Chick-fil-A's "Mother Son Date Knight" last weekend and it was just the sweetest. I love when they branch out from the daddy/daughter date nights and include us boy moms.

 Not sure if this goes into the parenting win or loss category, but our bedtime routine now consists of watching a show on our bed after bath so that they'll sit still for lotion, pj's, meds and teeth brushing. This started when Dustin was gone for a couple nights back in May and it has stuck around. It seems that when we say "boys go sit on the floor while we get you ready for bed" after bath time, they hear "let's run laps upstairs as fast as we can and wrestle cage-match style". SO... this keeps them in one spot long enough to calm down.
 The boys and I made our t-shirts and hats for CFA Cow Appreciation day. This is CFA's annual event where you get free food for dressing like a cow (or feeling like one in my case).
 The boys and I went for breakfast.
 Then we got an early dinner when Dustin got home to beat the crowd.
 Free food that we didn't have to clean off our kitchen floor. Win. Win.

 We've been trying to spend as much time as possible at the pool these days and the boys aren't hating it. Ryder has gotten better at staying upright in his puddle jumper and Finn now jumps in the water, puts his face in and kicks to the side- all with his puddle jumper on, but progress still.

 Stay cool, friends.
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