Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fifteen Months

Our sweet baby boy turned 15 months on June 19th, so I'm just happy to get this post up before he's 16 months. Ryder, you are a walking, talking toddler baby now! I refuse to not call you the baby. You love to eat and really dislike not eating if you're hungry (sorry, you get that from mommy). You're a great sleeper and would be ready for bed at 5pm. You still enjoy waking up between 5:30 and 6AM regardless of what time you go to bed, so some nights you are in fact in bed between 6 and 6:30. You are taking right after your big brother and love to be outside. You will get your feelings hurt in the worst way if daddy takes Finn outside and not you, so most afternoons are spent playing with Finn and daddy in the driveway. Now that you can walk, you want so badly to keep up with Finn, but still don't quite understand why you can't run as fast. You can say "mama", "dada", "truck", "uh-oh", "this", "that", "milk", "hi" and probably a few other words that I can't remember. You still are pretty obsessed with all things relating to Finn- eating together, riding in the car together, playing, bath time and bed time together. You love dogs and make the sweetest little squeal every time you see one- no matter how far away it is. You love stuffed animals and especially love snuggling them, biting them and carrying them around. 

You're still our tiny little peanut at just over 19lbs (10th %) and 30.75" (25th %), but your personality makes up for your size. You love wrestling and when daddy throws you up in the air. You love dancing, bouncing and doing your signature dance move- the shoulder shimmy.

You got a lot of traits from your mommy- including my ears. After your 6th double ear infection, you finally got tubes. You sailed right through it without missing a beat and were back to playing by that afternoon.

We love you to pieces, sweet boy and are so thankful we get to call your ours! Your belly laugh is infectious and your wide toothy grin always puts a smile on our faces.

Here are some pics from the past three months...

Master's Sunday
I believe this was your 4th or 5th ear infection.

You bite all the stuffed animals. Even the dirty ones on the shelves at Trader Joe's.

Wearing your daddy's old outfit on Mother's Day.
You've upgraded to your big boy car seat!

Your first trip to the pool this summer.

"How big is Ryder?!" "SO BIG!"
So thankful you won't remember getting tubes in your ears.
Your first storytime being able to participate like brother.

Playdates with friends!
You got your first haircut!

And Finn got his cool new summer style.

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  1. Sweet big boy! We loved seeing him so much this week!!