Monday, April 4, 2016

Two and a half

On March 19th, our sweet first born turned two and a half. With all of the excitement of Ryder's first birthday the same day, I didn't want too much  time to pass before I got this post up here.

Our sweet Finn, you are all boy! You love:

-being outside and playing in dirt
-playing sports (any and all with a ball, but especially golf and soccer)
-stacking blocks and yelling "ah-some!" when you stack them really high
-coloring and drawing "si-maces" (smiley faces)
-helping mommy cook and clean (especially vacuum)
-helping daddy do yard work with his "mo-mo" and "bo-fo" (lawn mower and leaf blower)
-going to the zoo, playground and Children's Museum

Your favorites are:
Shows- Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Thomas and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Song- "Amazing Grace"
Foods- You're really not picky and I'm so thankful for that! Your favorites are still noodles, fruit, broccoli, waffles, smoothies, Trader Joe's fish nuggets, pancakes and Chick-fil-A

You're still only 28lbs and about 35in so you're still quite the little guy! You're wearing size 2T-3T clothing and size 6 shoes and we haven't kicked the diapers just yet so you're in size four.

Your best friend is your baby brother Ryder and it is just the cutest thing ever to watch the two of you interact. You love giving him hugs and kisses and still want to hold him in your lap until he gets "too heavy". You share your toys with him until you don't want to and then you bring him something else while you take back your toy.

You'll be starting two-day preschool this Fall and I'm pretty sure you'll love it. You are the most outgoing, friendly little guy. You never let a stranger pass you without a loud "hi!" If they don't hear you, you keep saying it until they say it back. You walk right up to kids on the playground and ask to play- it doesn't matter if they're 2 or 12. You love going to Waumba Land at church, storytime at the library and the play area at the YMCA.

Now for a large picture dump with some highlights (and low lights) from the last six months:

You love your dentist, Dr. Aaron!

We got a little snow to play in

You love any and all tools, but your favorites are your "hamma and skee-dive" (hammer and screwdriver).
We got to go to Dabo's pizza party in Clemson when we made the playoffs.
 You usually fall asleep sitting up in the corner of your bed. You still love sleeping in your "seepsack", and mommy loves the fact that you can't climb out of your crib in it. Win. Win.

 You love playing hide and seek, but I'm not sure you get the concept of "hiding" yet.
 I can almost guarantee that music will be in your future in some shape or form. You love all music and love naming the instruments you hear. After church, we get you from your class and you make a bee-line for the stage in the auditorium.

You certainly made our Christmas one to remember when we spent six days at Texas Children's due to your asthma and RSV.
You love doing "work" outside and you don't love having to come inside.

You're obsessed with your "yi-yi" and I'm pretty sure the feeling's mutual.

You love tractors and diggers- anywhere! When things start to go downhill late in the day, we'll take a drive around the new Suntrust Park being built near our house. Also, they're doing some major construction at the YMCA.

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