Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas wrap-up

Since we're a week into 2015, I figured I ought to post the last of our Christmas pictures. The Tuesday before Christmas, we packed up and headed to Aiken to celebrate with my family for a few days. We soaked up every minute of our last Christmas with just this little guy. I did a poor job of documenting everything in pictures this time around, but that's just what happens when you're 29 weeks pregnant and chasing around an active toddler. Here are a couple pics I manage to capture...

We went to the candlelight Christmas eve service at my parents' church.

Our little reindeer.

 Not so bright and early on Christmas morning.

 On Christmas, we drink out of festive cups.

 Nonna with Finn.
 This happy boy makes my heart smile.

 Our attempt at getting a picture in front of the tree of Christmas morning.

The day after Christmas, we packed up from there and headed down to Orlando to spend some time in the warm weather with Dustin's fam. I am so sad at the lack of pictures I took, but that is just how it goes when there is so much activity going on with 6 grand kids 9 and under. We were able to spend quite a bit of time at the pools since it was warm and beautiful outside.
 We went to Magic Kingdom for a day and left Finn back with Oma, Opa and his cousin Colton so we could enjoy some time with the "big kids". We also spent the afternoon with Dustin's sister and the four oldest kiddos but again the phone or camera never got pulled out for pics.
 Resting up during lunch.

So glad we got to spend the day with Dustin's brother and his wife. We are even more excited that they will be welcoming a sweet baby in June just a few months after our newest arrival!

We all spent the day at Sea World together and this also happened to be the only day that it rained.

 Love these boys! Can't wait to add another one in just 10 short weeks!
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