Thursday, October 16, 2014

Twelve Months

Well this is it. The last of our sweet boy's monthly posts. I would like to think that I would keep them up over his second year, but I'm just being real. He is about to turn 13 months and I'm getting this one up in the nick of time.

Sweet boy, you have brought us more joy over the past year than you could possibly ever comprehend. We are so blessed to be your parents and wake up every day so happy to see your sweet smile. It is apparent that the feeling is mutual, because you save the biggest grins and loudest giggles for first thing in the morning. You are now pulling up on anything and everything and cruising your way around the house. You love walking with your walker, but have yet to take an actual first step with those chunky little legs. You still love to laugh, dance, clap and wave. Most of it happening all at the same time. You will clap at anything really, even mommy's singing and daddy's dancing. It's taken 12 months, but you're finally starting to pick up on the sign language we've been showing you for the past four months. You can now sign "more" (but again this looks more like a clap), "please" and "all done". You say "mama" all the time and you were beginning to say "baba" for your bottle just when we took it away- cruel, I know. You are starting to say "meeel" when we're about to give you your milk.

You have 8 teeth (and are currently fighting your way through 3 molars, but that wasn't technically by the 12 month mark).

You're up to 23lbs and 30in which puts you right in the 50% for both height and weight. But you, sweet boy, are anything but average.

Your favorite foods right now are sweet potatoes, avocados, any and all fruit, blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, toast with strawberry jelly, yogurt, turkey and almost anything mommy cooks for dinner. You are starting to get better with drinking milk and water, but I know there is a part of you that is still longing for your bottles and formula (mommy misses it too).

Some of your favorite toys right now were gifts you got for your birthday. You love playing with your Little People pirate ship that was a gift from mommy and daddy. You also love your Noah's ark set from Oma and Opa along with some really cute wind up cars from Addie. You play with pretty much anything that is in front of you, but those are the ones you typically crawl to first thing. You have fully discovered the stairs and can mange to climb your way to the top in no time (with mommy and daddy close behind spotting).

Here are some highlights from the past month...

We took multiple trips to the lake with daddy's side of the family where you discovered boats and love to go fast.
We go on many family dates to Taqueria on Friday nights and you love their fish tacos.
You hate wearing your bib which means most meals look like this.
We had another wheezing episode that took us to Urgent Care and could potentially be looking at some form of asthma in your future.

And now for the last of our sticker posts... which I think you are completely okay being done with. One or both of us may have broken a sweat during this photo session.

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