Monday, February 24, 2014

Five Months

Well it is hard to believe that you are five months old, little man! You are showing us so much of your personality that it feels like every day there is something new. There are some things I wish would stay the same forever, like the fact that you are so in love with your mommy and daddy and think we are the funniest people on the planet. Seriously, your sweet little laughs just warm our hearts! There are also things right now that I wish would pass quickly. We are trying to break you of your swaddle and you are not a happy camper about it. You are such a great sleeper that it breaks our hearts to hear your cries in the middle of the night. But because you are a champ at rolling from your front to your back and getting better at rolling from your back to your front, we really need to get you out of that swaddle. You really love playing with your toys on your play mat now and have also become quite the squirmer. You know when we are heating your bottles and stare at the warmer until it's done. Once it's done, you immediately begin reaching towards it with an open mouth! Here are some highlights from the month.

You got to experience your first snow days! 

You celebrated your very first Valentine's Day with mommy and your friend, Teagan.

Once we finally got some warmer weather, we went on some walks around the neighborhood.

Your daddy had a K-Life trip to Disney World and brought you back your very first Disney souvenir!

You really love being outside and going on walks with mommy and daddy!

We celebrated your great grandmother's birthday.

This month, you started eating solid food! Right now, your favorite is squash and you try so hard to take the spoon from us and feed yourself. You are quite the advanced eater, sweet boy! 

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