Monday, January 27, 2014

Four Months

This post is definitely a bit delayed. Our little man turned four months old last weekend and we can hardly believe it!

Sweet boy, we love you more than words. You love to smile at us and have begun to full on laugh at things we say or do- whether you actually understand us we have no idea, but it certainly warms our hearts! This was quite the busy month for you, little man. We celebrated your first Christmas in South Carolina and Texas. You tagged along with mommy and her friends on a long weekend trip to Charleston. This was the longest you've been in the car (7 hrs!) and you did so wonderful- as long as we kept you fed : ) You really don't like tummy time, but you're getting better at it. You can now push up on your arms and love to grab at your toys when they hang above your head on your play mat. You now like holding onto toys and bring everything to your mouth. You cannot get enough of your hands! There isn't one particular finger you suck on, but rather you try to stick your whole hand in your mouth. You are drooling buckets and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a tooth in the next couple of weeks. The biggest milestone you've reached this month is sleeping through the night!! You now sleep 12 full hours and still take 3 good naps a day! We are so thankful you like your sleep, little man, because we do too. I went back to work in the beginning of January and you stay home on Tuesdays with Miss Courtney, your new nanny and Wednesdays are daddy/Finn day, because he stays home with you all day. I'm so grateful to only work away from home two days a week! We love you to pieces, munchkin!

Let's see how you're growing...

You're up to 15lb 2 oz and 23.5in! This puts you in the 50% for your weight and barely the 5% for your height- as you just made the chart this month. You are definitely filling out and have the leg rolls to prove it. 

 My handsome New Years date this year, since daddy had a K-Life party.

Insert your own caption here...

 We've been watching church from home to avoid being out in flu/RSV season and Finn seems to be captivated by Andy Stanley.
 Happy boy during our 7 hour road trip to Charleston.

The first time breaking out of the swaddle... and quite proud.
 First time in the bumbo.

"Bearing" the cold winter we've been having : )

This. Face.

"Seriously, we're doing this again?"

"Ok, mom- but just for you"

A little help from daddy for the smiles

Showing off our newest skill for the month.


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  1. Those chunky little legs!! He is just a doll, Stephanie! I know you are enjoying him so, so much. Such a fun time and wonderful age!