Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Michael, 5K stands for 5 Kilometers... not 5,000 miles"

Any event that has the phrase "corporate fun run" in it has to be good right? Dustin and I ran in the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Fun Run last week on the Children's team and actually had a lot of fun. The pollen count was at it's highest and we had a code orange smog alert... but we toughed it out along with about 5,000 other people. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not exactly a cross country runner, so I approached this just like I approach any new activity:

I bought some new kicks...

And I've been running about 3 nights a week to get ready for it. Not to sound like an infomercial, but literally- if I can become a runner ANYONE can be a runner. Here are some pics from the KP race last week. I should probably mention that Dustin's shirt is about 2 sizes too big, which why he has it tucked in... that and aerodynamics.

Children's tent before the race...

Waiting at the starting line!

We survived!... and ran the whole way : )

On another note, here are some house updates:

It's hard to believe we have lived in our house for 4 months now. This year is flying by! I can finally say that we are unpacked. Everything we have is now out of boxes and up on the walls. It's still a work in progress, but I'm pretty sure that comes with being a homeowner. For about a month or so, we had a water stain on the wall in our bedroom from some heavy rain. After getting everything squared away with the subcontractors who worked on our roof after we bought the house... the stain was still there and we did not have the same color paint to cover it up. Before Dustin could even finish the phrase "Should we try to match the paint or..." he knew I just wanted to re-paint the whole room. He and a college friend, Chris Kakaras were sweet enough to tape off the room for me and 18 episodes of Friends later... voila!

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it's a yummy brown called "mocha latte". It was a light khaki color.

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