Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Bet your bottom dollar, you'll lose the blues in Chicago..."

Frank Sinatra knew what he was talking about there. We just got back from Chicago and absolutely LOVED the city! The architecture, the shopping, the food, the parks, the history, the river running through the city and even the public transportation system were all wonderful! Here is a recap of our whirlwind trip to the windy city:

Walking down the Magnificent Mile by Millenium Park

The big "bean" in Millenium Park.

Total tourists... check out the guy on the left side of the picture in the sweet khaki vest- didn't notice him until we looked at the picture.

Not sure what the appeal is, but figured we would do the tourist thing.

Our hotel- the "River Hotel"

Our room

View from the room

Transformers 3 was being filmed right outside our hotel!

Patrick Dempsey and Shia Labeouf

One of the "transformers"

My favorite pizza place we tried!

"Chicago style" with butter crust.... so unhealthy but SO delicious!

Seriously LOVE this city!

We took a river boat architecture tour- such a cool way to see the city!

On the boat

Beautiful buildings!

Sunset from Lake Michigan.

We've been up for 20+ hours at this point, but ice cream and fireworks were a great way to end our first day in Chicago!

Our breakfast spot right outside our hotel each morning.

The Cubs were away, so we took a tour. I think it was even cooler than going to a game, because we got to see all areas of the ballpark.

View from the pressbox.

In the pressbox.

In the suites.

So cool that the park is right in the middle of residential Wrigleyville.

We had dessert on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building at sunset.

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