Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Festival... that's "Christian" for Halloween

Why are Christians made to feel guilty for celebrating Halloween? I don't see anything wrong with carving pumpkins, (some) Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating. Here are some pictures from the past week. Dustin and I carved a pumpkin and we went to Greenville to hang out with the Carsons. At work on Friday, we walked around and passed out a couple hundred brand new costumes for our patients. At a children's hospital, holidays are a big deal! We had a huge party complete with trick-or-treating in the lobby!

Megan, Anita and I walked around all day and passed out brand new halloween costumes to the patients! Did I mention how much I LOVE my job?

Final thought.. on my way to work the other day... while I was sitting in traffic, I was passed by a hearse in the HOV lane. I'm sorry, but I think both people in the car need to have a pulse in order to qualify as a "high occupancy vehicle".

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  1. You do have an amazing job! So much fun spreading joy all the time!

    Glad you guys had a great Halloween!