Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I just spent 20 minutes researching Snuggies

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE fall! I love college football, the color orange, pumpkin bread, pumpkin candles, pumpkin spice lattes... basically anything pumpkin. I love the sound leaves make when they crunch beneath your feet. I love scarves and sweatshirts, blankets and flannel sheets. I also love that first cool morning that makes me wear a jacket... which happened to be this morning. When I left for work it was a gloriously brisk 57 degrees and I enjoyed turning my heat on for the first time in my car. This is the great thing about living in Atlanta... we have seasons. In Branson... it goes from being in the 90's in August... to dropping in the 40's in September. This beautiful weather we are having has caused me to spend over 20 minutes researching Snuggies for whatever reason. You know.. the "blankets with sleeves". I have been avoiding it because of the aweful marketing.... but someone was on to something with this invention... and they now have them in pink.

On another note... here is reason #1,358 why I love my job. This is Ward. I get to be a part of his and other kids' stories everyday. Please read his story in support of Children's.


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  1. snuggies... a blanket with sleeves... what some people call "a coat" :)